You know that feeling… ‘when you’re inverted, spiraling through the air, traveling at 70 km per hour and adrenalin surges through your limbs, and you feel alive! We call this AIR TIME.’ Airtime by definition is the feeling of weightlessness, when g-forces take over – and you feel completely immersed in fun. That’s Air Time.'

They are feelings somewhat difficult to describe and often fleeting but absolutely thrilling and completely freeing. Our new campaign Air Time explores the sensation of being weightless - when for a few seconds, your body leaves the seat, before you experience G forces rushing you back down to earth.

Our nine new rides encapsulate this feeling. Whether you’re going upside down at 72kph on the Big Dipper, backwards from 16 high on the Boomerang or swinging to new heights on the Sledgehammer – you’ll be sure to enjoy the thrill and freedom of Air Time.

Escape from the day to day & experience the ultimate rush of Air Time. Start small if you need to – with rides like the Frogs, Little Nipper and even Loopy Lighthouse offering a tame introduction. However, for the ultimate thrill, it’s the Big Dipper and Sledgehammer that offer the ultimate exhilarating experience.

Production in the Big Top

Hair & outfit touch ups

The latest Luna Park Sydney campaign was shot using our very own talented Showtime performers! They worked with a highly skilled creative and production team to bring the concept of Air Time to life. From a large green screen and wire suspensions in our amazing multi-purpose Big Top here on site, to the safe and secure attachment of Go-Pros to our new rides – the team soared to great heights capturing authentic moments and fleeting feelings of freedom, joy and complete weightlessness.

Suspension from the ceiling

Getting some Air Time

While our Showtime team are hugely talented, for many of them this was their first experience taking part in a television commercial. For others, this was definitely their first time being suspended from the ceiling from mounted wires inside the iconic Big Top. It’s amazing to see the new heights a role at Luna Park Sydney can take you to – literally – and the new experiences that become of our exciting ideas to create high energy and happiness for our guests.

Luna Park Sydney can’t wait to introduce people to the concept of Air Time, and delight Guests as they experience the feeling for themselves when they next visit.

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