Introducing an Improved Online Experience with Luna Park Sydney

Get ready to experience the magic of Luna Park Sydney like never before. Our digital presence has been upgraded with a range of exciting new features that will enhance your guest experience, even before you enter the Park!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the incredible features and new additions that every Guest of Luna Park can experience. Not only will these features help you plan your day and streamline your visit, you’ll also be able to share your experiences with family and friends like never before!

Account Management

If you already have an online account on our website, you're in luck! You will see these new additions automatically appear when you next log in. Take a browse and explore. 

If you don’t already have an online account with us, simply create one now to access our new and improved member experience right from your very first interaction! We've added a host of exciting new features to make your time at Luna Park Sydney even more special.

In the past, if you've purchased tickets from us in the past but not activated or explored an online profile, you may already have an inactive account. Simply reset your password to activate your account. Every ticket you purchase for others creates a member account uniquely for them within your customer account, so your friends and family can log in and access their own personalised features too. You (as the ticket purchaser and account holder) have complete control over all the members within your account, including the ability to merge members or transfer them to their own customer account.


New and Exciting Features  

Earn Trophies for Riding

Want to take your Luna Park experience to a whole new level? Earn bragging rights, challenge your friends or simply take pride in your Luna Park experiences for longer. You can now earn trophies every time you go on a ride! Uniquely created by the Luna Park Sydney team, these virtual trophies reflect the nuances and features of our iconic rides. With every new ‘ride milestone’ you will unlock virtual trophies and see them proudly displayed when you log into your account. 

Whether you ride each ride once, three times or even 10 – ride milestones will be calculated for you as you enjoy your time at Luna Park. 

Every member account has the ability to earn trophies based on their ride activity. Every time you purchase tickets or make a booking, your ride activity will be added to your member account. PLUS, if you have multiple members, you can easily merge their accounts to combine their stats. Ride, compare and challenge one another to take your whole Luna Park experience into a virtual realm. Over time, watch your trophy collection evolve – now you will be yearning to come back and earn even more exciting rewards at Luna Park Sydney. 

BUT, trophies don’t just earn you bragging rights with your crew. We intend to reward and recognise those high earners to ultimately are proving themselves as Luna Park’s biggest fans (and wildest riders!). 

Parents, so your kids are impressed with the virtual trophy collection… but you’re wondering what’s in it for you!? While you're at the Park, rides are tracked in real-time! This means if you follow along on your account, you can essentially receive live updates on where each of your members is - based on the rides they're going on. Enjoy Luna Park with peace of mind, knowing where all of your crew is




Ride Leaderboards

Earning trophies? Proud of your collection? Compare your ride stats with other members in your account. AND you can even add friends from other accounts to a ride leaderboard especially for you! You can even see where you stand on the global leaderboard! Watch this space – as this is where we will be ensuring we know all of our greatest fans and frequent riders. 


Sync Wristbands to Your Account

If you purchase your tickets online or have an Annual Pass when your wristband is activated in Park, your wristband will be synced to your member account right away. You will be able to see your rides tracked and see exciting updates in your account in real-time. 

If you purchased your tickets at the Park, don't worry! You can still get all your ride stats after your visit. Simply open or create a member account and sync your wristband barcode to the account, and all your ride stats will be added.

With your wristband synced with each and every visit, you’ll create an online member profile that reflects your entire Luna Park journey. 



Pumped for your next visit to Luna Park? Getting excited? Plan your day in advance with our new itinerary feature. Plan your ride order, and even add in our Showtime Performances so you don’t miss a beat! On a mission to knock over 3 rides before lunch? Make sure the whole crew knows. Map out your day for maximum fun and get excited with your friends and family before your visit.

Introducing our new Interactive 3D Map! Navigate the park with ease using our handy 3D map. Pull out your phone during your visit and find the best route to conquer as many attractions as possible.



Check out our Showtimes Performances feature to see when and where the fun is happening. Our Stars of Showtime are ready to delight you with their performances, and you don’t want to miss them! This is where you will also see any special events or activities listed that you can take part in on the day of your visit. 


Don’t forget our Standard Features

Ticket Management

Manage your Day Passes, Annual Passes and Flexi Passes all from your account. Your tickets can even be scanned from your account, so you never have to worry about losing them or missing a ticket. 

OR – want to upgrade a ticket? Upgrade Day Passes to Flexi Passes all in your own account. 

Got Games?! You can also check your games passes and see how many are left to redeem – in real-time. Plus, with a digital games pass, should you have any games you’ve missed – they will be stored in your account ready for your next visit. 


Member Management

Members are your family and friends' accounts that are created when you purchase any Day, Flexi or Annual Pass. Your members are able to log in to their own accounts and enjoy all the benefits that Luna Park Online has to offer, including global and family leaderboards, view trophies earned from going on rides, add friends, build itineraries, view maps, and more! Simply provide your member with their username and password to log in (these can be set by editing the member details). Whenever you purchase additional tickets be sure to link tickets to your existing members where appropriate, or sync the wristband number at the end of the day. Member accounts can be merged or transferred from the account details section also.