Let's Talk Showtime!

Dancers, stilt-walkers and clowns Oh My! At the heart of Luna Park Sydney is our amazing, show stopping and mood raising Showtime performers! We love the characters that define our park, so much so that we have dedicated the entire month of “Jazzy June” to our Showtime department! With so much more than what meets the eye, let us explore everything Showtime!

Who is Showtime?

Our Showtime performers provide live entertainment throughout the park on weekends as well as during peak periods like school holidays. Showtime is made up of our mascot characters, ground characters and our groovers. Our characters include Lunabob and Lunabelle, along with all of our other key personalities. Our groovers are our all-singing all-dancing performers who are most commonly found belting out tunes down the midway. Learn more about our characters here.

Did you know almost all of our Showtime department are professionally trained performers?

The auditions to be apart of our Showtime team usually begin towards the end of the year and often attract 150 plus performers, all vying for a position within the prestigious department. From here, only a select few will be welcomed into our Luna Park family, trained and rehearsed before jazz running into the park to perform for our guests. Wow! Coming to Luna Park not only provides thrilling rides and fun for the whole family, but show-stopping performances from industry professional performers!

Our Showtime team are all about entertainment! Depending on the season or time of year you visit, you can catch them performing uniquely created shows and additional characters that line up with Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Easter or Vivid. 

On occasion our team loves to pair up and collaborate with popular brands and organisations to bring something fresh and fun to the park, but no matter what time of the year, you can always catch our Showtime team spreading cheer, laughter and FUN!