Seeking Scarers: Halloscream Auditions

Are you keen to take Halloscream to the next level and truly get inside the action?

You’ve come to the right place!

Luna Park Sydney are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join the team and bring the scares for the 2022 Halloscream Xtreme event. As a Halloscream Scarer you will be the one of the stars of the show, fuelling our guests’ fears as they explore a transformed Luna Park for the duration of HalloscreamX.


What is Halloscream?

Halloscream is Sydney’s ultimate Halloween event, and this year we are celebrating our 10-year milestone with ‘Halloscream Xtreme, 10 years of fears’.

Guests will step into Luna Park Sydney and become immersed in the eerie atmosphere, ready to enjoy an evening of fun and fear. There are food, beverages, and merchandise offerings, unlimited rides, and most importantly spooky and exclusive attractions.


So where do the scarers fit in?

Halloscream Xtreme will include a massive range of characters to fully captivate our guests. These characters are involved in:

-          Our 3 mazes with unique story lines

-          An immersive walkthrough attraction – Coney Island Film House

-          The opening Scaremony performance

-          Roaming throughout the Park to ensure the spookiest atmosphere

Each year Halloscream takes about 12 months to prepare and brings together a huge amount of team members from a range of backgrounds to deliver for our Guests. Our scarers are the critical onstage piece of the puzzle that fully immerses our Guests and makes this a truly memorable night for them.

Performing positions can range from dancing to acting to physical theatre, but as a scarer you don’t need to have any performance experience to audition. We are seeking diversity in our scarers to bring the array of characters to life, so matter who you are or how little performance experience you have, or even NONE at all, we want to see you at our auditions!



How do I audition?

To sign up for auditions head to our careers page here, where you can also get more information such as key dates and times that you must be available.  Auditions take place on 4 different dates in September, so we hope you can find one to that works for you!


How do I nail my audition?

We have compiled some key tips and tricks that will help you succeed in your scarer audition this year.

Be confident – If this is not something you are use to doing, you may be feeling a little silly, but it is important to own it as this will help you shine
Practice your physical acting – Sometimes as a scarer you won’t have a whole lot to say so it’s important to be able to act with your body
Do you research – You can see the Halloscream website here where you get a sneak peek into this year’s mazes where you might get an idea of what we are looking for
Be enthusiastic – We are looking for energetic individuals who we know we can rely on so we really want people who are excited to be scarers
Dress comfortably – You are going to be moving around a lot and it’s important to not be restricted


So are you ready to join the Halloscream team?