Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

How tall are you?

Our RIDE Height System

Due to our varying ride height rules, we use a colour system to determine which rides you can ride on. Red Riders require a guardian to ride with them. Green riders can ride various rides alone and many with a guardian. You can filter by colour on the rides page.

Red Riders 85 - 105cm

Red Riders require an accompanying adult to go on rides

  • 9 Rides available
  • Free access to Coney Island
  • Rides will need to be accompanied by a paying adult (18+)
Green Riders 106 - 131 cm

Green Riders can ride alone on many rides, but will require an accompanying adult for others

  • 21 Rides available
  • Free access to Coney Island
  • Some rides will need to be accompanied by a paying adult (18+)
Yellow Riders 132cm+

Off you go! Yellow Riders are free to ride any ride they like!

  • 27 Rides available
  • Free access to Coney Island

do you need help?


  • What is an Annual Pass?

    A Luna Park Sydney Annual Pass entitles the holder (a pass holder) to a single Day Pass, once per day, on any valid entry day for the period specified on the Annual Pass, from the date of e-ticket redemption (online).

  • As an Annual Pass holders, do I need to book in a day prior to attendance?


    Although you're an Annual Pass holder and can visit as many times as you like, it is important to understand that you must pre-book a session online each time you plan to visit us.

    Please follow the simple steps below to book your first session and lock in some Next Level Fun:

    1. Click here to login to your account.
      You should have received an email asking you to set up a password for your account or alternatively just click ‘I forgot’ and set a new password using the email address you’re receiving this email on.
    2. Click the ‘My Account’ tab.
    3. Click the ‘Bookings’ tab.
    4. Scroll down to ‘Create a Booking’ and select a date (and session, if applicable).
    5. Select the member(s) that will be attending and click ‘Select Booking’.
    6. Your booking is complete! A digital ticket will be sent to your email the day before your visit.

    Note: You can only book one session at a time, and only up to one month in advance. As soon as you leave the Park, feel free to pre-book your next session.

    If you require assistance, please contact us prior your booking and include your annual pass name, number and DOB at

  • As an Annual Pass holder, why do I need to create an account?

    When you purchase an Annual Pass a customers account is automatically created for you. This is required so that you can manage any Annual Passes you purchased within your account. This includes booking your date of visit, updating your details, accumulating loyalty points and more.

    Member accounts are created for every Annual Pass purchase and are registered within your customer account, including your own member account if you purchase an Annual Pass for yourself. This exists so that your members, such as your child, are able to access Luna Play by logging in with their username, and view their ride activity and achievement progress without having access to your customer account. You have full control over member accounts within your customer account.

    You are able to transfer a member account to another customer if you choose, for instance if you purchased the ticket for a friend. Doing this means you will no longer be able to access that member.

  • When does an Annual Pass subscription start?

    Your Annual Pass starts from the date of purchase and expires 379 days from this date. We allow an extra 14 days on top of the Annual Pass purchase date to give you sufficient time to come to the park and pick up your Annual Pass card. If you are purchasing an Annual Pass prior to the Park reopening your Annual Pass will start from the date the park reopens.

  • Do I need to bring my Annual Pass when I visit?

    A pass holder must have his/her valid Annual Pass in hand and an LPS approved photo on file with Luna Park Sydney for access to rides to be granted.

    Annual Passes can be reprinted fo a $10 fee.

  • When will I get my Annual Pass?

    You can pick your Annual Pass up from Luna Park Sydney Annual Pass box on your next visit

  • Can I use my Annual Pass for a special event such as Halloscream or NYE?

    Annual Passes are not valid for private special events, specials, ticketed events or events that require a separate admission, and are subject to Blockout Dates. Blockout Dates include, but are not limited to events such as Halloscream, New Year’s Eve, and other special events that occur outside normal Park operating hours Annual Pass.

  • As an Annual Pass holder, what does Luna Perks mean?

    Luna Perks is our new loyalty program. All Annual Pass customers are automatically enrolled into Luna Perks. You can find more information about our new loyalty program here.

  • As an Annual Pass holder, what does Luna Play mean?

    Luna Play is our new digital companion for customers. With Luna Play you can track your ride activity, build itineraries, check your loyalty balances and much more. It's the perfect compliment to your Luna Park visit. Learn more here or login to your account.

    I'm an Annual Pass holder can I just show up? In order to access Park rides on a valid entry day, a valid Pass holder must login to their Annual Pass holder account at and reserve a date of entry.

  • As an Annual Pass holder, why do I need to choose a day?

    Luna Park now requires all guests including Annual Pass holders to select the day they are coming in order to avoid overcrowding and ensure a positive experience for everyone in the park.

  • As an Annual Pass holder, what happens if I do not attend on the day of my booking?

    As an Annual Pass holder you can log into your membership account and change your date with no added cost. 

  • As an Annual Pass holder, how many bookings can I make?

    Annual Pass holders may reserve a maximum of one entry date at a time and can only have one entry date reserved in total. Once that entry date pass has been redeemed or the date passed, a pass holder may reserve a new entry date.

  • As an Annual Pass holder, what if I need to change my booking date?

    As an Annual Pass Holder, you are able to change your booking date prior to the booking from your account in the My Bookings section.

  • Can I sell my Annual Pass?

    An Annual Pass is not transferable, cannot be sold, cannot be given to anyone else to use inclusive of family and friends, is not redeemable for cash and cannot be used with any other offer, discount or product. Additionally, Annual Passes may not be used for commercial purposes and are void if altered or misused. An Annual Pass can be passed onto friends and family before activation.