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Mystery Manor


After 50 years of Dr Hoffmeister and Lady Hoff haunting Mystery Manor, Dr Hoffmeister finally created a deadly potion to at last seek revenge on the townsfolk. The very townsfolk who banded togethering murdering him, when the Doctor went mad and took their children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers and used them as human subjects to test his monstrous experiments to create eternal life.

Lady Hoff terrified and frightened for her husband’s welfare and desperately wanting to leave the house, watched her husband over the last 50 years and secretly learnt the skills of creating elixirs and potions. In a final attempt to save her husband and get away from the townsfolk she greatly feared, she created an elixir that would cure her husband’s madness and restore him back to the good Doctor he once was. Showering his ghostly form in her concoction, the once crazed Dr Hoffmeister was at last cured and Dr Hoffmeister & Lady Hoff will finally be set free from the manor and darkness that had held them for so long. With Dr Hoffmeister and Lady Hoff soon be to gone, The Butler and Bella, will also at last flee this ominous house.

As we take the final chapter on the frightening tale of Mystery Manor, it will be closed permanently on the 3rd of November. So if you haven’t had the chance to be frightened beyond belief, or have and want to feel your heart pounding and adrenalin racing again, make sure you experience the horror one last time! 

Free with your Unlimited Rides Pass or Annual Pass. Limit for two entries per day per person.

Note: Prepare yourself, this experience is designed to frighten guests over the age of 12.

Who can go on this ride?
Tall: 130cm +