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Step into a legendary time capsule that will stimulate all your senses. Stick to the wall as the floor vanishes beneath you and extreme g-forces take over. How long can you hang on for? You’ll drop back down to earth but may never be the same.

Who can ride:
Green: 106 - 131cm
Yellow: 132cm +
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The Rotor Ride was designed and patented by German engineer Ernst Hoffmeister in 1948. The ride was first demonstrated at Oktoberfest 1949, and was exhibited at fairs and events throughout Europe, during the 1950s and 1960s. It is one of the oldest rides at Luna Park still in operation. 

Time to go
The original Rotor was removed from Luna Park in 1979-1980, to be eventually replaced with a newer design inspired by Richard Linley
Can I watch?
Most Rotors are constructed with an observation deck.
Last One Left
Three Rotors were built in Australia based on Hoffmeister's design. All had been demolished or destroyed by the 1990s, although this slightly redesigned Rotor was rebuilt for Luna Park Sydney in 1995.

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