Sideshow Alley

sideshow clowns luna park


For more than 80 years, Luna Park Sydney’s clowns have been laughing long, loud and repetitively. Why? Because to conquer our Clowns, and pluck a princely prize from the Lunatic wall of glory, requires a combination of high skill, daring, perfect timing and intense concentration. Can you pop a ball in the Clown’s mouth at the perfect time and line up a triumph? Or will the Clowns have the last laugh… again?

sideshow game luna park - basketball


Find yourself dreaming of the last moments of the grand final game in the series coming down to one moment… it is you, on the free-throw line, your friends watching on. Two shots at glory and need to nail one to win. Luna Park Sydney’s Basketball is the stuff hoop dreams are made of…

sideshow game luna park - balloon pop


Sideshow Alley is a place of magic and illusion. It is where Luna Park Sydney’s most notorious Funsters and Tricksters devise ever-more ingenious games of fun and skill. So keep your wits about you and remember: Just because you see it, does not mean it is there. Take Balloons – a simply named game with a simple premise: Throw a dart, pop a balloon, win a prize. But every pop comes with a surprise…

sideshow game luna park - crooners


Caruso, Pavarotti, Sinatra… Barnes. None of these great voices can compete with Luna Park Sydney’s famous ensemble, The Crooners. They have been singing a merry tune since the early days of Luna Park Sydney and there is no shortage of people wanting to shut them up. Now it is your turn. Shell out your clams and wait for the right moment to pop a ball in their gob and you might roll your way to cool prizes!

sideshow game luna park - knockems


It seems so simple. It looks like a push-over. The spruiker did it... surely you can too? Luna Park Sydney’s Knockems are a fun-park challenge that has foiled even the straightest aim. Have you got a golden arm good enough to send the tower of cans tumbling and write your name into Sideshow Alley history? Grab a ball… spring-load that shoulder of yours… balance your stance… take careful aim… and Knockem down!

sideshow game luna park - ring toss

Blip & Twerp's Test Tube Toss

Blip & Twerp’s zaniest science experiment ever is bubbling over with fun at Luna Park Sydney, and their team of silly scientists can barely contain themselves. Calculate the perfect angle and toss the ring onto a test tube to win the prize. So what are the scientists testing in these test tubes? Your skills of course!

sideshow game luna park - string pull

Freckle's Pull A String

Fun-lovers at Luna Park Sydney can now win amazing prizes… if they just know how to pull Freckle’s strings. That is right, thrill seekers can literally pull a string, any string, and get instantly rewarded! Just roll on up, pull down and voila, you are in the game.

sideshow game luna park - striker

Hi Striker

Brains will not get anyone far in this ultimate battle of strength. Players will have to master technique and strength as they raise the hammer to slam their way to the top. That is the plan at least. Many swing, but few hear that ‘ding!’.

sideshow game luna park - fishing

Gone Fishing

Hoping to win a prize that is worth its weight in gold? Go fish! Grab a net and maybe get your hands wet, as you fish around to scoop up that one little swimmer that catches your eye. The heavier it weighs, the better the prize of the day! But choose wisely, they all float the same in the water.