Family Rides

Silly Sub

It might be next to Sydney Harbour, but this submarine flies into the air like a swinging magic carpet motion. It’s pretty silly, but super thrilly.

Red Riders (85cm-106cm) can ride with an accompanying adult (18+). Green (106cm-132cm) and Yellow Riders (132cm+) can ride alone.

Who can ride:
Red: 85 - 105cm
Green: 106 - 131cm
Yellow: 132cm +
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revolutions per minute


yellow submarine


kg weight

Earn Trophies the More You Ride

With the all new digital companion Luna Play you can now unlock achievements for going on rides. And that is just the start of what's to come! There's also global leaderboards, or challenge your friends with private leaderboards. 

We all Live in a Yellow Submarine

Ride 3 times! 

Makin' A Splash

Ride 5 times! 

Oh Captain, My Captain

Ride 10 times! 



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Thrill Rides

Swing, fly and and enjoy the magic of Luna Park. Volare is Australia's largest wave swinger ride - you won't find views like this anywhere else in the world. The perfect amount of fun and thrills!

Yellow Riders (132cm+). Green Riders (106-131cm) can ride with an accomanying adult (18+)

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Wild Mouse
Roller Coasters
Wild Mouse

Australia's favourite rollercoaster is not going anywhere. It’s a minute and 1 second of pulse-pounding fun that flings you up, down, right out to Sydney Harbour and back again. Classic old-school excitement wooden coaster. The mouse still roars.

Green Riders (106-131cm) can ride with an accompanying adult (18+)

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Dodgem City
Family Rides
Dodgem City

Take the wheel of a Luna Park Sydney Dodgem Car, it is formula one for a rattling good time. Strap in solo or buddy up as a duo then race around the track, bumping and thumping your friends and fellow drivers along the way. Are you licensed to thrill? Then buckle up for fun!

Green Riders (106-131cm) & Red Riders (85cm-105cm) can ride with an accompanying adult (18+)

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