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Wild Mouse

Wild Mouse is being completely restored in celebration of its 60th birthday! Anticipated completion is 2024.

Did you know?

  • One of only 3 of its kind operating in the world
  • A rare gravity-fed rollercoaster, the Wild Mouse track is a 400m long steel track built on a group of timber towers
  • The original coaster style is called ‘Wild Cat’, with three signature ‘switchbacks’ followed by ‘bunny hop’ vertical hills
  • For over half a century the Wild Mouse has been the most popular ride at Luna Park


Who can ride:
Green with adult (18+): 106 - 132cm
Yellow: 132cm +
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The Wild Mouse roller coaster holds a special place in the history of amusement park attractions. Originating in the early 20th century, this compact gravity-fed coaster has been thrilling riders for generations. Its historical significance lies in its innovative design and its ability to deliver a thrilling experience within a limited space.


Step into the captivating history of the Wild Mouse roller coaster and witness its restoration! Join us on this journey through time, where you can experience the excitement of the past and the anticipation of the future. Stay tuned for updates of the restoration progression. Be sure to check back regularly or sign up for our email list to receive exclusive notifications on the latest developments.


First Wild Mouse installed at Luna Park Sydney

In 1963, Luna Park Sydney witnessed a historic moment as the first Wild Mouse roller coaster was installed, igniting the imaginations of generations to come. This groundbreaking attraction brought a new level of excitement and thrills to the park, captivating riders with its innovative design and heart-pounding maneuvers. From its inaugural run, the Wild Mouse became an icon, leaving an indelible mark on the amusement park landscape.


The Wild Mouse was replaced with larger Wild Cat coaster 

In 1969, Luna Park Sydney bid farewell to the beloved Wild Mouse roller coaster as it made way for a new era of excitement with the introduction of the Wild Cat. This transition marked a significant chapter in the Park’s history, symbolising the constant evolution and innovation of amusement park rides. While the Wild Mouse had captured the hearts of riders for several years with its daring twists and turns, the Wild Cat promised an even more exhilarating experience.


Wild Mouse reinstalled and listed on the Register of the National Estate

In a moment that brought nostalgia and excitement to Luna Park Sydney, the Wild Mouse roller coaster made a triumphant return in 1995. After a brief absence, this beloved icon was reinstated, captivating visitors once again with its thrilling twists and turns. The reintroduction of the Wild Mouse sparked a wave of anticipation and joy among park-goers, who eagerly lined up to experience the exhilarating ride. Its restoration not only preserved a piece of Luna Park Sydney’s history but also reignited the sense of wonder and adventure that the Wild Mouse had become synonymous with.


Wild Mouse last restored and updated ahead of the re-opening of Luna Park Sydney

As Luna Park Sydney prepared for its grand reopening the Wild Mouse also was given a restoration. Ahead of the Park’s eagerly anticipated revival, the Wild Mouse underwent a refurbishment, ensuring that its iconic charm and thrilling experience would captivate guests once again.


Complete restoration of Sydney’s heritage-listed Wild Mouse coaster, ensuring it can be enjoyed for generations to come

In 2023, a complete restoration of this heritage-listed coaster is underway, ensuring that its thrilling experience can be enjoyed by generations to come. The project will ensure on-going compliance with the Conservation Management Plan of Luna Park Sydney, preserving the coaster’s historical significance and offering guests the unique experience of riding a wooden roller coaster with a rich history.

The restoration will cover all aspects of the Wild Mouse. The main wooden structural frame, consisting of vertical towers, horizontal support beams, and diagonal cross-bracing, will be carefully assessed and restored. The curved and straight track sections, inclusive of metal guide rails and running surfaces, will undergo disassembly, inspection, and remanufacture as necessary. The eight car units, accommodating two passengers each, will be refurbished, and passenger loading/unloading platforms and queuing lines will be improved. Additionally, key aspects of the ride’s operational control systems will be upgraded for safety and efficiency.

The scope of work includes a comprehensive engineering review, including a consideration of the timber selection to increase the structural integrity and durability even further.  The restoration process will be led by Luna Park Sydney’s Maintenance Team, with experienced carpenters and mechanical fitters working on the project. Every effort will be made to retain the original appearance and colour of the structure, honouring its heritage value and contributing to the Park’s aesthetic.

The restoration timeline outlines key milestones, including the changeover of the Hungry Horse diner to a workshop, track and tower disassembly, car refurbishment, and track installation. The restoration is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023, culminating in the re-commissioning and testing of the fully restored Wild Mouse.


Earn Trophies the More You Ride

Unlock achievements for going on rides, check your position on the global leaderboards, or challenge your friends with private leaderboards. 

As Loud as a Mouse

Ride the Wild Mouse 3 times! 

The Mouse Trap

Ride the Wild Mouse 5 times! 

Of Mice and Men

Ride the Wild Mouse 10 times! 



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