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Luna Park Sydney is not just for fun. With the new and exciting Luna Learning, we offer educational programs for school groups. 

The programs will provide a hands-on, interactive learning experiences that align with the curriculum. An excursion to Luna Park Sydney will offer students a fun and engaging real-life experience that will foster further learning. 

Features include: 

  • Exclusive schools-only access to Luna Park Sydney
  • Curriculum-linked worksheets for Stages 3 – 6
  • A valuable Stage 6 Physics fieldwork study opportunity
  • A unique multi-layered business case study for HSC Business Studies
  • Self-directed learning
  • Complementary Teachers’ Lounge
  • Additional teaching resources

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Our Programs

  • Physics - Stage 6

    Conduct your depth fieldwork study at Luna Park, practically investigating and analysing to further develop your knowledge and understanding of Physics. 

    Incorporating a visit to Luna Park Sydney will enhance students’ understanding of key outcomes such as the application of Newton’s laws of motion, energy transformation, conservation, circular motion and electromagnetism. Students will observe and analyse real world examples of these concepts in action on the park’s rides, reinforcing their knowledge. 

    The hands on and interactive nature of the experience assists students in developing their working scientifically skills in data analysis and evolution, as they collect and interpret information about the physics principles at work using the resources provided. Luna Park Sydney will provide a valuable opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of HSC physics outcomes in a fun and engaging environment.

    Resources coming soon

  • Commerce and Business Studies - Stages 5 and 6

    Luna Park Sydney will provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about the operations and management of a business. The park offers students the chance to observe the various aspects of running a successful business, such as marketing, sales, financial management, and human resources.

    This interactive experience will help students to develop an understanding of the interrelated nature of these functions and how they contribute to the success of a business.

    Luna Park Sydney will give students the opportunity to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, as they analyse the park’s operations and interact with staff to learn more about the functions of a big business.

    Resources coming soon

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